Monday, December 12, 2011

Trim the Tree and Your Waist this Season

Too many holiday parties? All those fancy pastries and yummy casseroles calling your name at every turn? We thought watching this little guy go through the paces might inspire you to stem the tide of impending holiday pounds. Dressing up like Santa may be great fun, but make sure you aren't mistaken for the real thing when next year rolls around! As you schedule your holiday parties, shopping outings, volunteer activities and the like, make sure to schedule time to keep your body in shape.  Put it on the 'to-do' list and check it twice. That naughty little number you want to wear for the New Year's celebration will look very nice, your stockings won't feel stuffed, and there'll be a little more joy in your world when "lose a few pounds" doesn't make it on the resolutions list!

Need more motivation?  Schedule a half hour session if you're running low on time. Invite a friend to join you. We are as helpful as Santa's elves all year round so come in for a session. You'll leave energized and ready for the season's merrymaking!

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