Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Our Clients are En Pointe!

The new year is barely underway and already our clients are soaring successes. In these pages we have shared with you Skylar Brandt's steps on her road to a dance career. Today we'd like to announce her grande jete into a professional career as one of the newest members of American Ballet Theater! ABT is an internationally recognized ambassador of some of the best in American ballet. They travel the world and all 50 states showcasing a repertoire that includes works by choreographic heavy hitters as well as shining new talents.

We invite you to join us as we congratulate Skylar on this exciting new venture. Life as a professional dancer will provide a wonder of opportunities and challenges; and the staff at Fluid Fitness will be here to cheer her on and keep her instrument in tip top shape.

Need some fine-tuning yourself? Whether you are looking to fly across the stage or just complete an extra flight of stairs, we're here to help you. Come on in!