Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bone density and Powerplate

We have boasted that Gyrotonic® sessions with us can make you into a superhero. Now we have evidence we can cultivate your superpowers!

The folks at Power Plate have done extensive research. The results show that whole body vibration “may lead to an increase in bone formation.” Now we having living proof!

Liane, a long-time client and friend of Fluid Fitness, was diagnosed with osteopenia in 1995. After being on medication, like Fosamax, for many years, her bone density measurements remained below normal. Two years ago her doctor took her off the medication because it was not helping. However, a recent bone density test showed a 10.8% improvement in the hip and 4.6% improvement in the spine – both measures are now in the normal range for the first time in over 15 years! How did that happen?

The only thing that is new about her regimen, and the only thing that could account for the improvement, is the Power Plate. Adding 15 or more minutes on the Power Plate to workouts several times a week, has significantly improved her bone density, along with balance and strength. Imagine how much spinach she would have to eat to duplicate those results!

If you're concerned about bone density and balance, or just need a fast whole-body workout, try a 15-minute introductory Power Plate session for just $20 and boost your inner superhero!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spotlight on Success

We've been boasting a bit about our clients lately and we're not done yet! Alison Stroming, one of our younger clients, received a full page write-up in the February/March issue of Pointe Magazine! She's been making a splash in her performances at the JKO School (For those of you who don't know, that's American Ballet Theater's highly selective Pre-Professional Training Program). Her tenacity has caught the eye of faculty and inspired this positive review (

At only 16 she has an incredibly busy schedule and a list of accomplishments under her belt. The work she does here supports her daily challenges, keeping her body aligned, muscles functioning efficiently, and joints healthy. This sort of strength and stability is important for such a burgeoning career.

We wish Alison the best of luck. Though we love seeing her here in the studio, we can can't wait to see her next venture on the stage!

We've said it before, a strong, a healthy body will give you wings in any endeavor. Come see how we can help you. We'll even blog about your feats. After all, your success is our success!