Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Spotlight on Staff at Fluid Fitness

We often reference how hard the staff at Fluid Fitness works to help clients reach their goals. Today we have the pleasure of turning the spotlight directly on two of our instructors who were interviewed for the March issue of Dance-Teacher Magazine.

Hilary Cartwright, one of our Gryotonic Master Trainers, developed and teaches Yoga for Dancers. The article focuses on how this method challenges movers to find strength and control with little tension. A two-page step-by-step shows Hilary and Maiko, one of our regular clients, demonstrating some exercises for readers to try at home.
This issue also has great tips from Clarice Marshall on how instructors, who take such great care of their clients, can make sure they stay in tip-top shape.

The staff here is full of knowledge and expertise. Have some goals you'd like to reach? Come in and let our instructors get you in shape and ready to make news!