Saturday, April 18, 2009

Healthy Toes Rock!

When I first started working out at the studio in 2007, I kept seeing trainers and clients with these odd, pretty colored contraptions nestled between their toes. They looked a bit like medieval toe torturing devices. People worked out with them on. Trainers wore them while teaching and when I inquired about them to Lisa, Fluid Fitness’ owner, she told me they were called
Healthy Toes and began touting all their benefits, such as helping with foot pain, helping change the way you walk and all around increasing the health of your toes.

And of course I was skeptical that two little pieces of rubber could do all that. I mean the appealing to me was that they were available in these cute colors that reminded me of the jelly sandals that I wore as a kid. Finally, after months of staring at them in the studio sales display and admiring the effortlessness in which people wore them as they did their arch and curls and leg work on the Gyrotonic, I decided to join the hip kid’s club and bought myself a beautiful, shiny peach pair.

Alas with most “accessories” for our life that we buy, we use it a few times and then we forget about them and I could never get my act together to bring them into the studio and so I would just leave them on my feet while watching TV which is also an effective way for them to work. But, lo and behold, they DO work I have flat feet and this winter I was really bad about wearing my orthodics in my snow boots and I started to wake up with to an ache on my left foot which ignored. Finally one day, I said ya know I don’t want to end up in physical therapy again and so I whipped out my Healthy Toes and slipped them on and OMG its like they WOKE my feet up and stretched them out and I immediately noticed the difference and after about 4 days of repeat wearing them in the morning, my feet were ok again.

So grab yourself a pair at the studio and join the Healthy feet Gang!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Gyrotonic in the News!

Check out the link for a great article (also pasted below) on Gyrotonic® that was recently published by Reuters. We are enjoying some hard earned recognition as Gyrotonic® continues to make headway into the mainstream of the fitness and wellness community. Share this link with all of your friends, and don't forget to ask us about our Referral Rewards Program. Let's see who can bring in the most referrals and rack up the most rewards!

Gyrotonic: It's not torture, it's good for you

Let us know what you think of the article.

We were very excited about it, post your comments


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