Saturday, April 30, 2011

Spring has Sprung!

So spring is finally here! Not to be outdone by the blossoming city outside, Fluid Fitness continues to create a buzz of activity at the studio. We maintain regular teacher trainings led by top GYROTONIC and health professionals - improving the skills of our staff and local GYROTONIC instructors. Those professionals also train and practice at the studio.

Earlier this year, Justine Bernard, a Master Trainer with a Doctorate in Physical Therapy, presented a workshop at the studio on GYROTONIC Exercise and Osteoporosis. This month Goetz Lehle, MD returns from Italy and is available to our clients. His work in osteopathy, kinesiology, postural/movement analysis and orthomolecular medicine make him an incredibly insightful practitioner.

We are always doing our best to bring you the best. Don't forget your regular workouts as your agenda fills with spring responsibilities. You'll be glad you took a moment to exhale your scheduling worries. When you return to the cacophony outside you'll be relaxed and rejuvenated enough to really stop and smell all those roses.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Stand up Straight!

Those of you who are regular GYROTONIC practitioners know how you feel after a workout: longer, lighter, more relaxed, more awake, like a new person. Our instructors are a talented bunch, but what you are feeling isn't magic. The simultaneous strengthening and stretching exercises you perform in the GYROTONIC Expansion System result in a more aligned skeletal framework. In simplest terms, you improve your posture. Aside from looking taller and thinner and feeling longer and lighter, looks like Mom was right and good posture is important for your overall health.

Proper alignment allows muscles to work more efficiently, which means better endurance, strength, flexibility and decreased chance of injury. Good posture is also important for a healthy spine and nervous system. The nervous system controls most of the body's vital functions; keeping it free of impingement is paramount for overall health and function. Posture even impacts your breathing. Better ability to take full breaths means more oxygen to your heart and brain - allowing you to relax and think more clearly.

We do our best to set you straight while you're at the studio, but it's up to you to maintain the alignment lessons as you go about your day. Think about reaching through the crown of the head while you're sitting at your desk or carrying the groceries. Ever tried gentle narrowing of the pelvis while climbing the stairs? Are you breathing fully while writing that proposal? Do you keep a long spine and engaged core when lifting a heavy item off the floor? It only takes a little effort to maintain the postural alignment we help you find in your sessions. We want the best for our clients so at the risk of sounding like Mom...well, you get the idea.