Monday, November 22, 2010

Teacher Trainings at Fluid Fitness

Our usual blog focus is on the accomplishments of our clients and we have to admit, they're pretty awesome. But you may wonder how our instructors stay on top of their game. Our instructors update themselves regularly on what is current in GYROTONIC®, learn to use specialty equipment and take courses that allow them to best serve the needs of our clients.

Last month, for example, our very own Hilary Cartwright, Master Trainer, taught a special course on the needs of clients before and after undergoing hip-replacement surgery. There are many other teacher trainings going on at the studio over the next several months, including a winter workshop focusing on applications for osteoporotic clients.

We at Fluid Fitness are always looking for ways to better educate ourselves and our clients. In fact, we have upcoming pre-training and foundation courses in both GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. For the ambitious among you, this is a great opportunity to deepen your practice and eventually get more out of your private sessions.

If a pre-training doesn't fit your schedule but you want to learn more outside of a session with one of our excellent trainers, check out the library at the studio. We aim to keep our clients fit from the inside out so we collect and share published articles on GYROTONC® and its benefits and applications.

Come join us at the studio; we'll be more than happy to answer your questions or give you an excellent workout! See you soon!