Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Drop and Give Me 20...

How many push-ups can you do?

We don't often use conventional fitness exercises at Fluid Fitness the way you perform them in a gym, but we do encourage any activity that helps you stay strong and fit. So we sat up and noticed when a New York Times article reported that, "[b]ased on national averages, a 40-year-old woman should be able to do 16 push-ups and a man the same age should be able to do 27."

Why is the push-up considered an important marker of physical fitness? The idea is that although we naturally lose muscle strength as we age, continuing to strengthen muscles helps us fend off that decline. Developing upper body strength helps us carry those shoulder and spine-crunching bags we love to tote and that strength helps us brace ourselves in case of falls that may require long recovery time.

Challenge yourself to see if you are up to snuff:

  • 1. Find a secure plank position: toes on the walk, heels reaching away from the calves, inner thighs kissing, tailbone reaching toward the heels, abdomen engaged, scapulae hugging the ribs, neck long and eyes gazing down at splayed palms that are angled slightly toward each other and directly under your chest. Of course, you can find the same strong, long position with the knees bent. Either way, you should be in one long line like, well... a plank - with no sags or bumps.

  • 2. Lower yourself down by bending the elbows up to 90 degrees.

  • 3. Exhale as you straighten the arms, returning to that secure plank position. You could even utter "1" as you exhale.

  • 4. Continue with steps 1-3, counting as you go.
How many can you do without losing the integrity of your starting position?
How many can you do with varying arm positions?
  • elbows out and palms angled toward each other under the chest

  • elbows out and palms angled toward each other under the shoulders

  • elbows out with palms close enough so that thumbs and first fingers form a triangle

  • elbows hugging the ribs with palms under the shoulders, palms parallel to each other

Feel how the different positions affect your muscles? Maybe you want to try them on a stair, chair, counter or wall. Test your strength and stamina. Test the integrity of your form. The important thing is to try them; test yourself.

Want help? Not sure about form? You can always ask a trainer here at Fluid Fitness. There are lots of exercises you can do at the studio to improve your upper-body fitness, including the trusty ol' push-up.

Don't worry - we're not suggesting you give Jack Palance a run for his money, our interest is a strong healthy you - however you express it. And if you have the opportunity to show-off with an acceptance speech for all your hard work - we'll cheer you on!

New Year Changes at Fluid Fitness

The new year is a time of renewal and reassessment, an opportunity to make changes that will get you closer to your goals.

Starting January 1, Fluid Fitness will implement some changes of our own. GYROTONIC prices will increase slightly and Private Power Plate sessions will be greatly reduced. We've also created some new packages for our clients: there will be a special rate for students, seniors and union members, new combination packages, and a yearly plan that involves all the services we offer with the convenience of a once-yearly payment.

We know it can be difficult to keep a regular workout schedule during the hectic holiday season; and though I am sure all our students are faithfully practicing the homework series when they can't take a session..., the month of January will present a great opportunity to dive back with a new attitude.

Want to step up your game or try a different approach? While you're ringing in the New Year, think how every opportunity to do something nice for your body is to be celebrated. Our well and continually-trained staff is always ready to help you. Let us help craft the new you you've imagined for the new year. Besides, you know how much we love to celebrate our clients!

Happy New Year!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Teacher Trainings at Fluid Fitness

Our usual blog focus is on the accomplishments of our clients and we have to admit, they're pretty awesome. But you may wonder how our instructors stay on top of their game. Our instructors update themselves regularly on what is current in GYROTONIC®, learn to use specialty equipment and take courses that allow them to best serve the needs of our clients.

Last month, for example, our very own Hilary Cartwright, Master Trainer, taught a special course on the needs of clients before and after undergoing hip-replacement surgery. There are many other teacher trainings going on at the studio over the next several months, including a winter workshop focusing on applications for osteoporotic clients.

We at Fluid Fitness are always looking for ways to better educate ourselves and our clients. In fact, we have upcoming pre-training and foundation courses in both GYROTONIC® and GYROKINESIS®. For the ambitious among you, this is a great opportunity to deepen your practice and eventually get more out of your private sessions.

If a pre-training doesn't fit your schedule but you want to learn more outside of a session with one of our excellent trainers, check out the library at the studio. We aim to keep our clients fit from the inside out so we collect and share published articles on GYROTONC® and its benefits and applications.

Come join us at the studio; we'll be more than happy to answer your questions or give you an excellent workout! See you soon!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Dance 212 features Fluid Fitness!

We're all about GYROTONIC® here, and we like any opportunity to share its benefits and the successes of our instructors and clients. Many of you know we also like dance; so in celebrating things we like we're directing your attention to Dance (212), a website that follows the lives of 5 dancers from 5 of New York City's most prestigious Second Companies. You can watch video episodes, interviews with the dancers and explore educational links.

One of the dancers featured there is Skylar Brandt of ABT II. Of course, our favorite episode is one that was filmed right here at Fluid Fitness! Skylar, a regular client, and Hilary Cartwright, one of our Master Instructors, talk about GYROTONIC® as an important tool for dancers. Click here to watch Hilary guiding Skylar through a typical session on our machines.

If you have news of how GYROTONIC® or Fluid Fitness is helping people find balance, please share it with us. Want to experience it for yourself? Give us a call, we'll be glad to help!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Fluid Fitness CLient Leaps to Success!

Alison Stroming, Miss New York's Oustanding Teen 2010, has returned to us with outstanding news! She proudly represented New York in the National Miss America's Outstanding Teen Competition. Not only was she a top 10 finalist, but won the prize for best in talent!

Miss America's Outstanding Teen is a scholarship-based program offering accomplished teens the opportunity to be awarded funds for college. The program promotes scholastic achievement, creative accomplishment, healthy living and community involvement for America's teens. For more information, please visit Miss America's Outstanding Teen at

Congratulations, Alison!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Joining Hands to Make a Difference

Our theme as of late has been superheros. We've celebrated your heroic accomplishments and gloated in the role we have played in your success. We would like to throw out our own challenge for you.

A friend of Fluid Fitness is in need of a hero or at least the heart of one. Eleven year-old Shannon Tavarez, who has played "Young Nala" in Disney's The Lion King on Broadway, was diagnosed with blood cancer in April. She is in great need of a life-saving bone marrow transplant and we are doing our part to make her search for a matching donor a success.

There are several ways you can help:

1. Join the Broadway community for a bone marrow drive:
Friday, July 23rd
10 AM - 3 PM
Minskoff Theatre (Lion King's home)
200 W 45th Street, NYC

2. Register on line as a bone marrow donor. (

3. Donate money. One hundred percent of your tax deductable contribution will go to registering bone marrow donors. (

DKMS Americas is a non profit organization that recruits bone marrow donors for leukemia patients. Only 10% of patients get the donations they need and DKMS is dedicated to changing that number. It does that by raising awareness of their program and increasing the diversity of its donor pool.

You know we love to support our heroes in their endeavors.This time we encourage you to be soft and mushy - on the inside, where it counts. So, even though this challenge doesn't require strong, supple muscles, bring in your donor registration information and we'll give you a free 15 minute Migun massage!

Monday, July 12, 2010

All Our Clients are Winners!

It's been a while since we last bragged about our clients. That's because we have been hard at work cultivating new winners. No, really - we do mean winners. We'd like to dedicate this post to celebrating Fluid Fitness clients that participated in the 2010 Manhattan DanceSport Championships that were held at the Brooklyn Bridge Marriott

Our very own Lilian Wong and Erminio Stefano outpaced their competitors in the Waltz, Tango and Foxtrot, garnering them first prize in the PRO/AM Gold Standard Scholarships.

Helen Nicoll and Louis Chockuba won an easy second in the PRO/AM B Gold Standard Scholarships and Fifi Wang and her partner placed fourth.

Making us proud the rest of the weekend were professional competitors Sergey Bolotnikov, Mariko Cantley, Michael Choi, Iveta Lukosiute, Gherman Mustuc and Boriana and DelyanTerziev as well as amateur competitors Angela Eftychiadis, April Klevins, Wendy Sherman, Lorraine Peoples, and Lisa Rapoport.

We are proud of the work we do for our clients and proud of the accomplishments they garner for themselves. Fluid Fitness thinks each one deserves a gold star. Don't worry, we promise not to lick them and stick them to your forehead!

Do you have some goals that require you to give more physically? Whether your goal is lasting through a tough dance competition or having the mobility and stamina to stay on the dance floor with your friends, come on in and check us out. Before you know it we'll be bragging about you, too!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Wake up with GYROKINESIS®!

Wake up with GYROKINESIS®
(It's better than coffee!)

GYROKINESIS® Intensive with
Alexandra and Trebien

Join us on Tuesdays and Thursdays
9:00 -10:00 AM
July 6 through August 26

First Class Free!
GYROKINESIS® - reap the benefits of
GYROTONIC® without the equipment.

Do you love how you feel after a GYROTONIC® session here at Fluid Fitness? Would you like to continue that feeling in between sessions? Take your first GYROKINESIS®* class on us!
Learn the basics of the GYROTONIC® system through GYROKINESIS®. There will be plenty of moves you can do at home to keep you feeling supple and invigorated between your regular sessions; you'll even get more out of your regular workouts.

*GYROKINESIS® is a movement system developed by Juliu Horvath with the intention of expanding and strengthening the body from the inside-out, promoting health of the whole central nervous system, joints, and muscles. Through manipulating the natural movements of the spine with coordinated breathing patterns, you systematically and gently work your joints and muscles through rhythmic and undulating movements, stimulating the body's internal organs.

First Class Free

Call now to reserve your spot: 212-278-8330
1026 Avenue of the Americas, NYC 10018

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Bone density and Powerplate

We have boasted that Gyrotonic® sessions with us can make you into a superhero. Now we have evidence we can cultivate your superpowers!

The folks at Power Plate have done extensive research. The results show that whole body vibration “may lead to an increase in bone formation.” Now we having living proof!

Liane, a long-time client and friend of Fluid Fitness, was diagnosed with osteopenia in 1995. After being on medication, like Fosamax, for many years, her bone density measurements remained below normal. Two years ago her doctor took her off the medication because it was not helping. However, a recent bone density test showed a 10.8% improvement in the hip and 4.6% improvement in the spine – both measures are now in the normal range for the first time in over 15 years! How did that happen?

The only thing that is new about her regimen, and the only thing that could account for the improvement, is the Power Plate. Adding 15 or more minutes on the Power Plate to workouts several times a week, has significantly improved her bone density, along with balance and strength. Imagine how much spinach she would have to eat to duplicate those results!

If you're concerned about bone density and balance, or just need a fast whole-body workout, try a 15-minute introductory Power Plate session for just $20 and boost your inner superhero!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Spotlight on Success

We've been boasting a bit about our clients lately and we're not done yet! Alison Stroming, one of our younger clients, received a full page write-up in the February/March issue of Pointe Magazine! She's been making a splash in her performances at the JKO School (For those of you who don't know, that's American Ballet Theater's highly selective Pre-Professional Training Program). Her tenacity has caught the eye of faculty and inspired this positive review (

At only 16 she has an incredibly busy schedule and a list of accomplishments under her belt. The work she does here supports her daily challenges, keeping her body aligned, muscles functioning efficiently, and joints healthy. This sort of strength and stability is important for such a burgeoning career.

We wish Alison the best of luck. Though we love seeing her here in the studio, we can can't wait to see her next venture on the stage!

We've said it before, a strong, a healthy body will give you wings in any endeavor. Come see how we can help you. We'll even blog about your feats. After all, your success is our success!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Our Clients at New World Stages

Our long-standing client, Stacy Shane has done it again! We raved before about the incredibly successful run of his play, The Temperamentals, a John Marans historical drama that garnered Stacy an award as one of Out Magazine's 100 Honorees

The play is opening again at New World Stages and Stacy has arranged a special offer:

See previews of the show for only $19.52!

You have one of three ways to use the following discount code:

1. Call (212) 947-8844

2. Go to the New World Stages Box Office

3. Visit

Previews begin February 18th and The Temperamentals ( opens February 28. Tickets are on sale now, but hurry, the discounted price is valid only for previews!

Want to know where Stacy gets the energy he needs for all this excitement? Well, for starters, regular sessions at Fluid Fitness are a part of his routine. Have you been in for a session lately? You don't know what you've been missing!